Networking Opportunities

Meet the people at the top of your field.

SIMCAC members, who are primarily CIOs, are at the top of their profession and represent the leading companies in the national capital area. Our monthly breakfasts are the perfect opportunity to participate in valuable presentations while you meet and forge relationships with your colleagues in the IT field.

Working Groups

Collaborate with peers across industries.

Working groups are a great way to meet your peers and gain insights into other industries and geographic markets. Your collaboration with these groups adds valuable professional experience and broadens your knowledge base in important business areas, such as Enterprise Architecture, IT Procurement and IT Workforce.

SIM Women 

Take charge of your career.

SIMWomen is a network within the SIM network where IT professionals who are women can meet and be mentored by other successful women information managers. Founded in 2007, SIMwomen has already promoted diversity within the organization, opened information resources for women executives in Information Management, and fostered an environment of opportunity for women IT managers.

Advanced Practices Council (APC)

Set direction and shape the future of your organization through APC.

Regional Learning Forum (RLF)

Develop new leadership capabilities and experience through RLF.


An annual Event for industry leaders.

Members In Transition 

A resource for assisting you with Opening New Doors and managing your career.

In an uncertain job market, we all need a little help from our friends. At SIMCAC, we have a program that coaches job seekers and helps members find positions commensurate with their skill levels. We work in a highly specialized marketplace. No one is in a better position to provide the help we need than our own peer group.

Scholarship Assistance through YearUp

Giving back to our community. Find out How.


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